2023 Sirrus X

The Future of Riding is Here

Introducing the all-new Sirrus X 5.0 and 6.0

The Future is a Feeling

You know the old saying, “you’ve got to see it to believe it”? Well, we think you have to feel it to believe it. Crafted with a meticulous balance of performance features and comfort-focused design, the Sirrus Carbon blends seeing with believing.

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The 2023 Sirrus X wheels


If you feel like we measured your body before we designed it, you’re not far off. Like all Specialized carbon bikes, the geometry of each frame is uniquely crafted. We call it Rider-First Engineered™, and it’s what keeps riders of all sizes loyal to Specialized. For every frame, each tube size and carbon layup is specifically selected to achieve the optimal balance of rigidity, weight, and responsiveness to ensure that no matter what size you’re riding you’re going to experience the world’s best ride.

2023 Sirrus X future shocks

Future Shock

Specialized's attention to functionality and smoothness goes beyond what can be seen with the eye. You’ll feel that same balance in your hands thanks to Future Shock, Specialized’s unique suspension design that prevents harsh frequencies caused by bumps in the road from reaching the handlebars.

2023 Sirrus X compliance junction

Compliance Junction

The extraordinary performance of the Sirrus Carbon frame begins at its heart, the Compliance Junction. It’s been designed to have just the right amount of flex and forgiveness across the carbon frame without sacrificing performance and efficiency. The result is a ride so smooth and comfortable that it is truly unmatched in its category. Well, that and the fact that it just looks so dang good.

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Man riding the 2023 Sirrus X

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